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Tonight Show"Praise-Apella is a (6) person vocal band that performs without the use of instruments, tracks or other audio technology. We perform and imitate instrumentation through only our voices. Yes, a band without instruments! Being all vocal, we use wireless mics and IEM's to create our sound. Going from one venue to next has been extremely difficult to get that "perfect" mix. Most FOH boards we encountered didn't have enough aux sends to meet the number of vocalists and we were never satisfied with the balance of the mix. After we started using the Mix Back from Hear Technologies, things immediately changed.   For starters, being a rack mount mixer makes it very portable. We can have the Mix Back on stage and make adjustments as we sing. Having that individual control and being able to run stereo and efx to each vocalist's IEM, the band can hear 100% better. As a result, their vocals are much tighter now. "More me" is never a problem! The knobs on the front are color coded which makes it very easy to navigate. Tthe amount of I/O it features allows us to setup the IEM's and run efx in a number of different ways. Not only is the monitor mixer user friendly, but it sounds great too! The EQ is very crisp and the overall sound is bright and clear.

By switching to the Mix Back, we've experienced the "perfect" mix!"

Ryan Maloney , Sound Engineer
Burbank , CA

Android Lust"The Hear Back and Mix Back system is an integral part of our live setup. We couldn't tour without it."

Android Lust

Bronx, NY