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Hear Back with Hear Back

The AES Daily, day 1 edition October 2002, editor David McGee - Hear Technologies (Booth 2115) is launching its new personal headphone/monitor mixing product, Hear Back. This elegant, affordable system, which consists of a hub and a mixer, is ideal for headphones, wired and wireless personal monitors and/or conventional floor monitors.

The Hear Back hub has three eight-channel inputs: Analog, ADAT optical and HearBus. The three inputs are switch selectable on the front panel acting as a mini patch bay. The hub has eight mixer outputs and a HearBus output. Many units can be daisy-chained for very large systems using the HearBus. The HearBus inputs and outputs permit eight channels of audio to be bussed over CAT5 cable up to 500 feet.

The mixer gives the user local control of eight audio channels, peak limiter, and master volume. The six mono inputs may be linked into pairs with the link switch. Two headphone and two balanced line outputs are controlled with the master volume. Both HP and Line Outs may be used to provide personal sub-woofer signals-- a real kick for the drummers. An AUX inputs permits the user to stack mixers or can act as an input for local mixes, drum machines, metronomes, etc. Each mixer connects via an RJ45/CAT 5 cable to the Hub.

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